Cody Jinks
Change The Game

Release Date: 22 March 2024
Genre: Americana / Country

On Change The Game, Cody Jinks transcends genres, proving that true artistry knows no bounds and rebels will always redefine the standards of country music.

Since discovering he had what it might take to make it with music at just sixteen years old, Cody Jinks has carved out his own path, steadfastly adhering to his roots while fearlessly pushing boundaries. Well before becoming renowned around the world as a country artist, Jinks got his start fronting his own thrash metal band, Unchecked Agression, while still in high school.

His new album Change The Game is solid proof that hard work yields rich rewards, especially when guided by unwavering conviction. For Jinks, this album represents not just a collection of songs, but a personal and professional evolution – a shedding of old skins to reveal new layers of vulnerability and growth.

Reflecting on the creative process behind the album, Jinks underscores the collaborative spirit that fuels his songwriting. Teaming up with trusted allies like Adam Hood, Tennessee Jet, Bryan Martin, and Josh Morningstar, he delves deep into introspection, exploring themes of accountability and redemption with raw honesty.

Despite its eclectic origins and multiple collaborators, Change The Game is a cohesive collection, expertly crafted under the co-production of Jinks’s longtime bassist Josh Thompson and Ryan Hewitt. From barnstorming rock anthems like “I Can’t Complain” to soul-stirring ballads such as “Always Running,” the album traverses a sonic landscape that is distinctly Jinks – unapologetically rebellious yet undeniably authentic.

Highlighted by a twangy rendition of Faith No More’s “Take This Bottle,” the album is a testament to Jinks’ versatility as an artist. His outlaw spirit burns bright, igniting a fervent connection with fans who have propelled him to independent stardom.

With over two million tickets sold and a discography boasting ten chart-topping albums, Jinks’ impact on country music is undeniable. Garnering accolades such as Music Row’s Independent Artist of the Year, he continues to defy industry norms, blazing a trail that is uniquely his own. As Change The Game resonates with listeners, it’s clear that Cody Jinks isn’t just rewriting the rules – he’s setting the standard for a new generation of country rebels.

“One of the most beloved and successful independent voices in country music” – Wide Open Country