Livvy D
No Turning Back

Release Date: 12 January 2024
Genre: Country / Pop

Livvy D. effortlessly blends pop, country, and rap, defying genre norms and establishing herself as a rising star in the industry. Her latest album, No Turning Back, is not just a culmination of her fearless artistry; it features highly reviewed hits such as “Take A Number CLUB REMIX,” “I’m A Catch,” and “Freak Show,” showcasing Livvy’s lyrical prowess and commitment to her authenticity.

This album is not just a collection of songs; it’s Livvy’s assertion of her place in the industry. As she fearlessly pushes boundaries, No Turning Back stands as a foundation of what’s to come and offers listeners a glimpse into the diverse and dynamic world Livvy D. is creating.

Raised amidst the picturesque landscapes of an equestrian farm near Virginia’s Bull Run Mountains, Livvy has carved an extraordinary path from her rural roots. Her formative years unfolded in the embrace of nature’s magnificence and the majestic presence of horses, imprinting an indelible essence of strength and beauty onto her artistic soul. While immersed in the rustic allure of her surroundings, Livvy simultaneously nurtured an unexpected love for music and fashion.

As a youngster, Livvy discovered solace and self-expression through her art and a profound connection with animals. Her journey included spontaneous dance sessions, self-styled fashion shows, and meticulously choreographed routines, all serving as the canvas for her burgeoning creativity. These early experiences laid the groundwork for the distinctive musical style she would later unveil – a harmonious fusion of country’s narrative richness, pop’s infectious melodies, and the boldness of rap.