Lizzie No

Release Date: 19 January 2024
Genre: Americana / Country / Singer-Songwriter

On her new album, Halfsies, Lizzie No positions herself amidst contemporaries while fervently seeking liberation — not only from the confinements of categorization but, more significantly, from the profound abyss of personal despair and the increasingly turbulent American cultural and political panorama.

No’s lyricism is exquisitely intricate, seamlessly interweaving the personal and the political. The album’s twelve tracks unfold like a captivating tapestry, reflecting a patchwork of influences that shape No’s musical persona. From the haunting desolation of “The Heartbreak Store” to the resilient rock vibes of “Annie Oakley” and the expansive, mid-apocalyptic yearning of “Babylon,” No’s songwriting engages in a dynamic dialogue with her influences, extending beyond her musical heros to include literary giants. Her homage to predecessors like Lucinda Williams and Toni Morrison underscores a quest for connection between these influential voices.

Meanwhile, Halfsies imparts a sense of community, as diverse voices unite in a collective call to action. The synthesis of personal and political themes courses through the album, emphasizing No’s identity as a songwriter deeply influenced by both musical and activist spheres. Notably, as an outspoken advocate for civil rights and activism, No recently assumed the role of President of the Abortion Care of Tennessee Board of Directors, further underscoring her commitment to social change.