Rosanne Cash
The Wheel. Now turning the 30

Release Date: 12 January 2024
Genre: Americana / Country / Singer-Songwriter

In the early 1990s, Rosanne Cash bid farewell to Nashville and embarked on a new journey which took her to New York City. The first album she recorded there was The Wheel. Now turning the 30, the classic album is getting the full anniversary treatment it so deserves.

In 1993, Rosanne Cash was taking stock of her life and decided she needed a big change, so she headed to New York to try her luck there. After settling into lower Manhattan she met multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer, John Leventhal who would soon become her husband. But first, they made an album, the critically acclaimed The Wheel.

Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, The Wheel has been meticulously remastered and comes with a nice cache of bonus material including 11 tracks from her 1993 performances on Live from Austin City Limits and Live from The Columbia House Records Radio Hour sessions, marking their long-awaited digital debut.

In a reflective statement on the album’s enduring significance, Cash speaks to the deep connection between the music and love during that era. She notes that what was true then has only become more poignant and resonant with the passage of time. Listening to the record today, she admits to the occasional wish for tweaks like a louder vocal or a different guitar sound on specific tracks. However, she emphasizes that, in the context of its time and place, The Wheel stands as a perfect representation of her artistry.

On the notion of artistic evolution, Cash recently stated, “I have a friend who doesn’t believe that artists evolve, but that there are only different stages and expressions. I’m not sure about that, but in either case, I’m so grateful for The Wheel. It turns out I can’t orchestrate the movement of the stars. They do that all on their own.”