Shane Smith & The Saints’ latest album

Release Date: 1 March 2024
Genre: Americana / Country

Shane Smith & The Saints’ latest album, Norther, adds an exclamation point to their decade-long run thus far, blending grit and grace to vividly capture their relentless pursuit of artistic excellence.

Recorded over the course of eight months, Norther shines a light on Shane Smith & The Saints’ unwavering commitment to their craft. From the haunting melodies of “Book of Joe” to the anthemic energy of “Fire in the Sky,” each track on the album is infused with a raw, unbridled passion that is both captivating and deeply resonant.

At the heart of the album lies Smith’s soulful baritone, a voice that bears the scars and stories of a life lived on the road. Supported by the masterful instrumentation of his bandmates, Bennett Brown’s soaring fiddle, Dustin Schaefer’s fiery guitar licks, Zach Stover’s thunderous percussion, and Chase Satterwhite’s melodic basslines, Smith’s vocals soar to new heights, weaving tales of love, loss, and redemption with unparalleled depth and emotion.