Stephen Wilson Jr.’s
søn of dad

Release Date: 15 March 2024
Genre: Americana / Country

Stephen Wilson Jr.’s søn of dad offers a high-energy rock and roll journey that pays homage to his late father’s legacy while seamlessly blending his indie rock, grunge, and country influences.

Co-produced alongside Benjamin West, Stephen Wilson Jr.’s søn of dad stands as a profound tribute to his late father, who served as the guiding light throughout Wilson’s formative years. A two-time Indiana State Golden Gloves Champion, Wilson Sr. not only imparted boxing skills to his son from the tender age of five but also instilled within him the resilience that would shape his journey. Wilson Jr., a man of many talents – boxer, scientist, and songwriter – pours his heart into each track, weaving a cathartic rock and roll narrative. Released precisely five years after his father’s passing, søn of dad emerges as a high-energy testament to love and loss.

Wilson Jr.’s journey from the rugged landscapes of southern Indiana to the vibrant streets of Nashville is nothing short of extraordinary. His path winded through boxing rings, laboratory corridors, and finally onto stages where his musical prowess found its rightful place. From the heights of an Indiana State Golden Gloves boxing finalist to the depths of scientific inquiry, Wilson Jr. embraced diverse experiences before finding his true calling as a lead guitarist and songwriter. It was in 2016 that he made the pivotal decision to leave behind the confines of his laboratory job and pursue his passion for music.